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— 6 days ago
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Here is another poetic excretion from Asdeepastheocean’s Intern poet, Kelsey Grammar.

I think I have a lot of hair for a girl;

a lot of girls will think this

if you want my advice then you can do either two things;

let it grow or wax;

shaving is a constant and i’m more of a long term girl

waxing is a good way for you to feel like a character off sex and the city especially if you go to a salon. Its also quite liberating having a stranger look at your genitals in an objective way.

Its a good way of making your privates not feel so private,


I sometimes play with my arm pitt hair when I let it grow,

I like smelling my fingers afterwards

I know when ive had a productive day because my fingers smell like salt and vinegar crisps;

but I also know if ive forgotten to put my deodorant on.

I use this deodorant called pit rock;

it kills the bacteria which causes the smell;

instead of masking the smell like common deodorants out there


semi alopecia of the groin

— 1 month ago

It is a pleasure to bring to you all the work of Asdeepastheocean’s intern-poet, Kelsey Grammar. Like trying to finish a take away - you just have to see it to the end - you cant eat it the next day cause you’ll just get diarrhea from the re-heated rice. I like my take away with a pinch of salt.


And I thought oo that was nice,

thats was a little treat.

Washing myself is usually a bit of a bore, taken after my porridge and before I get too involved with Jezza Kyle it’s just part of morning routine.

A few days ago I was having a shower but something new happened.

I washed my hair, normal; then went to the face area and washed that, I use this tee tree stuff from body shop – it’s good. I repeated this hair to body method and washed my hair with conditioner and my body with this tee tree body wash – also from body shop – also good.

When washing my body I have this method of rubbing my hands around my boobs so the soap lathers up, when frothy I move this action to my pitts and the down my body until I reach my pubic area.

I have a little fiddle here and clean my duda and private areas, it was here that I felt a starnge feeling; not the usual one but a new one; it was coming from my bum hole and it was a feeling that I have never felt before, it wasn’t painful or that pleasurable; it was just a new sensation.

I fiddled around this area as I wanted to find the reason for this new sensation that I can describe as a nice but weird feeling, I ended up grabbing a piece of hair; it wasn’t a pubic hair but a longer piece of hair that must of fallen of my head whilst washing it earlier in the shower, it had somehow manage to secrete its way into my bum hole, as I started pulling it out I felt that weird but nice feeling stir up again.


— 1 month ago
The boy in his eyes, age on his skin and disillusionment in his veins.

The boy in his eyes, age on his skin and disillusionment in his veins.

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Desmond takes a trolley to the jewellers storesBuys a twenty carat golden ringTakes it back to Molly waiting at the doorAnd as he gives it to her she begins to sing


Desmond takes a trolley to the jewellers stores
Buys a twenty carat golden ring
Takes it back to Molly waiting at the door
And as he gives it to her she begins to sing

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